Are You An Ostrich Organization?

7 Steps to Avoid “Head in the Sand” Syndrome Meaning: Refuse to confront or acknowledge a problem(from the Phrasefinder website): Origin: “… The notion is that the supposedly dumb ostrich believes that if it can’t see its attacker then the attacker can’t see it. Competitive Disadvantages: How hard is your competition attacking you? Do you…

Content Messaging or Content Mess?

We often ask company leaders to evaluate the quality of messaging on their website, and it’s surprising how often the reaction is similar – embarrassed laughter, followed by a quick retort, “we know our website needs help.” Today, most company sites are professionally produced, so they look and flow well. Yet, no one likes their…

Different Folks, Different Strokes

All kinds of companies, ranging from the tiniest start-ups to the largest global organizations, have prospect and customer variations. While some sales professionals consider all sales targets homogeneous, here is a way of thinking about customers.  Customers can be: • Brand new – just came on board so you’re in the honeymoon stage with them….

The Ditto Syndrome Will Stifle Your Business

The new buzz words are “content marketing” and/or “content messaging”. I know there are magazines touting its importance, and articles galore attempting to explain it, yet, when someone identifies what they think represents good content, the content seems to have a “ditto” feel to it. Each year, we are exposed to scores of different industries….

What’s Your True Competitive Advantage? Try Again

Jim McElgunn, of || September 24, 2012 Chances are you’re marketing benefits your customers don’t really care about. Here’s how to define your true competitive differentiator Jaynie Smith, Smart Advantage Inc. Competitive-advantage specialist Jaynie Smith has a blunt message for business owners: whatever your sales messages focus on, it’s almost certainly not what your…

8 Things Every CEO Must Know

Louis Bedigian, staff writer of Benzinga, reports on 8 Things Every CEO Must Know by interviewing Jaynie Smith, CEO of Smart Advantage and best selling author of “Creating Competitive Advantage” and “Relevant Selling.” Read the full story

Are you sitting on a Gold Mine or a Powder Keg?

Your metrics and what you might learn  The Tale of Two Companies: Two companies learned from double blind research that “Quality” was the highest rated attribute by their customers. In other words, great quality was more important than anything else in their buying decision. We asked each company what metrics they had that could support…