Employment, Licensing and Contracting Opportunities

Smart Advantage offers individuals and companies the opportunity to formally become certified.  There are two levels of certification:

  1. Workshop – this certification trains on the Smart Advantage workshop covering case studies, deliverables, statements, and articulation.  As an individual, workshop certification will allow you to bring the competitive advantage process to your clients.  This is especially critical to individuals who already consult with a broad range of organizations and are looking for an additional process to offer their client base.
    Company certification gives companies the ability to train multiple staff across multiple operations within one organization.  This certification is your secret weapon that helps you better identify your differentiators and communicate your overall value.

  2. Competitive Advantage Process – This level of certification is for individuals and organizations that want to integrate or represent the full competitive advantage process.  This includes training on market research, statement alignment, operational data management, and implementation in marketing and sales, including the Smart Advantage Tripod of communication.

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